Happening without Happening
2016 - fortlaufend/ongoing
je/each 18 x 13cm

Die Serie zeigt ein Fundobjekt an unterschiedlichen, öffentlichen Plätzen: einen leeren Stuhl, der eher dem privaten Innenraum angehört und als menschlicher Platzhalter den öffentlichen Raum okkupiert.

ongoing photography series taken with mobile camera.
The documented space-situation contains a chair without human accompaniment in open spaces. The series consists of the images of accidental variation of the same situation but different locations:
A chair stands alone in the middle of a spacial situation, which doesn’t fit to the everyday context. The chair generates a spacial trace of human body. The seating furniture becomes now protagonists in outside space, who experiences their situation as reacting element. It questions who or what would newly appear/happen to its world as next. The images triggers various association to the moment of before and after of these encountered situation.

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